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University of Toronto St. George
Christian O.Caron

SOC101 NOTES- The Body Body: not just biologically but socially defined (enhancing one’s body to conform to prevailing norms); how we manage our bodies is learnt; the shape of our bodies and the way it is dressed are messages to others; our bodies are objects of social conditioning; body is a site of both anxiety and pleasure and can be an object of desire as well. Perks: found that height has a bigger effect on income than whether one is an immigrant or a member of visible minority group; for most people Height is an indicator of status; poverty encourages obesity; likelihood of being overweight increases with age and decreases with class and education. • Socially, manipulating body image helps improve social interaction in complex societies. • Economically, industrialized societies enable people to afford body enhancement. • Technologically, new techniques for transfiguring the body are created. Impaired: people are considered deficient in physical or mental capacity. Disability: physical or mental problem that keeps people from performing within the range of “normal” human activity; definitions of disability differ across societies and historical periods; “normal” and “deficient” is subjective, thus disability is socially constructed. Rehabilitation: curing disabilities through medical intervention; trying to improve lives of people with disabilities by means of care, training and education; integrating people with disabilities into society. In the worst case, others tried to kill those with disabilities or sterilize them to prevent childbirth. Ableism: prejudice and discrimination against people who have disabilities, including neglect. • Changing ableism: people with disabilities begun to assert their autonomy and “dignity of difference”. For some, they insist on self-help and for others, it means disability is a social problem rather than a personal tragedy. • Shameless: The ART of disability is a movie that shows multi-faceted self- representations, everyday complexities and unexpected richness of life with a visible and “invisible” disability. Demedicalization: condition that has been considered a disorder ceasing to be labelled as such (ex: homosexuality). Recent challenges to traditional medical science: patient activism, alternative medicine and holistic medicine. Health: state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being (defined by WHO); however, health does not depend solely on the absence of sickness because health is socially defined and thus varies over time and between cultures. Aging: process of socialization or learning new roles appropriate to different stages of life; people with education feel healthy and function well as they grow older. Rites of passage: cultural ce
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