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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Population Data

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Blair Wheaton

Chapter 2 Population Data 2 systems of data collection: Census and Vital Statistics Census: Historical process of counting population. Can be conducted de jure or de facto. De Jure involved the count of people in their usual place of residence. De facto counts the respondent at their current place of residence. In Canada, the de jure method is used. In deciding which questions are to be used in the census, authorities consider the practical value to the nation, public acceptance of a question and comparibility with previous censuses. European countries began to undertake regular censuses in the 18th century. Sweden was the first to conduct a modern census in 1750. Canadian census: Jean Talon organized and directed the colony's first census in New France in 1666. The first census of Canada's population was carried out in 1765. In 1867, an official count of the population would be taken every 10 years and this was later changed to ever 5 years. Census undercount: Highest among men between ages of 20 and 24 and lowest among women 45-54. Populations which were most difficult to enumerate include resident of the Yukon territory,
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