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Mass Media Notes

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Robert Brym

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Chapter 5 Mass Media Textbook In this chapter we will examine y The mass media and interactive media y Theoretical approaches in media studies y Political economy of the media y Role of television in the economy culture and identity y News and ideology y Research on media effects y Forms of computermediated communication Communication To bring together or unify by establishing shared meanings and understandings between groups and individuals The Mass Media and Interactive Media Mass Media Technologicallymediated means of communication in which flow of messages is largely unidirectional from a single point of transmission to a large anonymous dispersed audience of receivers eg television y With mass media communication flows are unidirectional going from a transmission point such as a television or radio station to an audience whose members remain anonymous and isolated from one another Interactive Media Communications flow back and forth people exchange roles with one another in the transmission and reception of communication eg social networking websitesy With interactive media like the telephone or social networking websites communications flow back and forth Theoretical Approaches in Media Studies 2 Perspectives 1 Technological Perspective 2 Critical Perspective 1Chapter 5 Mass Media The technological perspective Derives primarily from the work of Innis and McLuhan y Innismade distinction between 2 types of mediaTimebased mediaSpacebased media Technological Perspective Innis Timebased mediay Modes of communication that endure over time but are not very mobile across space eg writing on stone or clay tablets y Are conducive to strong sense of tradition and customPromote religious forms of power and beliefSpacebased mediay Modes of communication that can cover greater areas of space but are much less durable over time eg writing on paper sounds transmitted over airwaves y Lead to territorial expansion empire building and more secular forms of power and culture y Different forms of power create different types of social division and conflictStruggle against elite control by those excluded from power has resulted in shift from time to spacebased mediaTechnological Perspective McLuhan Argued influence of mass media on society is mediated by the way the media change peoples sense perceptions and cognitive processes ExampleInvention of printing which 1 Undermined oral communication by establishing more visual culture where words are linked in a linear way2 Promoted interpreting the world in linear causeandeffect wayThis encouraged a view of the world as composed of separate objects 3 Moved communication away from facetoface interaction making information more abstract4 Fostered individualism privacy rationality and social differentiation through abstracting effect 2
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