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Chapter 3

SOC101Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Social Fact, Labeling Theory, Mental Disorder

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William Magee

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Chapter 3
The university of Chicago sociology department
The sociology of deviance did not appear full grown in the nineteenth century
It is the case the crime, sin and sheer difference have been persistent and prominent
moral and political problems and that thoughtful people have responded in their
turn producing a body of writings which could properly be called a proto-criminology
Oldest form of scholarship, theology may be understood as a prolonged attempt to
make sense of the existence of moral action
Play poems etc. Literally and intellectual essays have been devoted to crime shadow
criminology is older than the work of universities
16th century there emerged a kind of low life reporting which purported to offer
detailed information about the underworld.
17th, 18th and 19th century labelling theory, functionalism and ecology are to be
discovered in this time period
The bulk of criminology is really a reinvention of past explanations
Shadow criminologist are forgotten by academic writers
These sociologist have suffered neglect but for understandable reasons ex. Their
writings were superficially naive and they worked outside the university and the
material did not address a university audience
They were people of private means; journalist. Play writers, prison chaplains, police
etc. As they retained as professional experts on crime their interest in criminologist
problems could not help but be sporadic indeed amateur and their skull could not be
transmitted to a body of students or apprentices who would succeed them.
University of Chicago sociology department was distinctive because it accomplished
decisive break with the haphazard , solitary and ill maintained studies which have
been identified as proto criminology
Before the department of sociology , sociology was know a more yarning than
substantial body of knowledge a fixed point of view or a rigorous method of research
Marxism flourished in Europe
The annals group had been active in France
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The Manchester and London statistical societies had performed significant work but
it was in Chicago that sociology was industrialized
The university, the department and the city
University of Chicago was designed to be a nonpareil. (having no equal)
The tentative and uniformed nature of American sociology revealed itself in the
rather lengthy period of time that elapsed before the Chicago department came into
its own
There is a possible trace on functionalism, epidemiology, attitude research, survey
methods and much more that influence sociology of crime and deviance
Robert park ( head of the Chicago department) focused on social anthropological and
ecological study
Park released an article the city describing a problem a programme and a
Anthropology the science of man study of primitive people but civilized men
(present) is an interesting object of investigation and open to observation and study.
Most sociology departments seem to be inattentive to the physical and social
contexts in which they exist.
Sociologist prefer to dwell on relatively abstract or global matters, but Chicago
sociology was to become the sociology of Chicago itself a detailed anthropological
mapping of the social territories that made the city and its particular thrust
The city of Chicago was an exploding mosaic of contrasting social worlds. Its growth
was extraordinary advancing as it did from a small log in 1833 to a substantial city
by 1900
Park observed that the whole city was in a state of agitation everything seems to be
undergoing a change.
Society is apparently not much more than a congeries and constellation of social
It was the Chicago university that allowed curiosity to become a stable tradition
The city was to be grasped as a laboratory in which all the nuances and
interconnections of social life could be observed
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