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Chapter 4

Reading for Week 5. Book: Sense of Sociability, Chapter: 4

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SS4: Age groups Karl Mannheim (The problem of Generations); generation is a social location that has potential to affect ppls consciousness. Being born in the same year puts ppl in a common location of history of social process. st Members of generation will experience society different from older generations (through 1 hand experiences), subgroups form due to gender and class (generation units); they all share common features. Carry a distinctive language and way of thinking. May create youthful activism Youth protests books; Eisenstadt and Lipset (also US revolutions) Interest in elder not because theyre important but beg questions as how to deal with their increase in # financially and socially. Questions arises; how to deal with them, how to financially support them? -> leads to Why are there fewer young workers and more elders? 1. Populations ages as ppl live longer (more dramatic is developed societies) 2. Lower fertility (fewer babies are born) (could lead to extinction of societies if not for immigration) Each group (old, middle, young) pay attention only to their own lives and concerns. These groups will fight for political attention, etc. And may even form allies with other age groups due to common enemy (oldyoung against middle aged). Change in flow of resources. From young-to-old to old-to-young due to: 1. Young ppl no longer source of benefits to parents, or dependent on parents, more free 2. Flight from parenthood, not financially viable to have kids, university education is not cheaper by the dozen. Good reasons to put less time into kids Opportunities for Cooperation across the line Families We learn about older ppl from older relatives. As we age, learn about younger ppl from younger relatives. As children we enter a world controlled by older, savvier, bigger ppl (insight by Alfred Adler) www.notesolution.com
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