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Chapter 8

Reading for Week 8. Book: Social Problems, Chapter: 8

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SP8: Addictions Addiction; medical label appointed to personal weaknesses. Addictions Socially disapproved behaviour that is uncontrollable, harmful 7 criteria define addiction by WHO. Addiction not related to frequency of use, but rather with difficulty in controlling use. Addictive Gambling 3.1% moderate, 0.7% severe gambling problems in Ontario. CPGI scale; focus on financial and social outcomes. Taxation in gambling is attractive to governments. Beckers Outsiders. Labelling theory; defining and treating others as deviant. Dominant group on usersconsumers of drugs or we. Negative labels lead to development of a self-concept of deviant identity. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Not only ask, why are they deviant? But Why do we label such behaviour as deviant? These ppls actions make sense to them, though we dont know why. We will tend to cite the cause of gambling as personality weaknesses. Are drugs and alcohol social problems? Drug; causes a biochemical reaction in the body. Definitions on illegal or legal drugs doesnt depend on its effect but rather on surrounding social, economic, and political factors. Reasons are sociological not pharmacological (drug effects dont change, rather public opinion, Opium example). www.notesolution.com
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