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Chapter 5

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Lorne Tepperman

Hab. Of Inequality Chp 5 Victimization Source: Jamie Hubley Definition: - Student at A.Y. Jackson Secondary School - Commited suicide - Suffered depression from bullying as a result of being gay Statistic: - In 2009, 202 Cndn. Teens between ages 15 – 19 committed suicide Source: C.J. Pascoe Theory/Concept/Term: Conducted an ethnographic study that she eventually called: DUDE YOU’RE A FAG Definition: - Boys in particular use this epithet in order to police the boundaries of what is considered masculine - Locking the negative connotation of the word and its original implication of minority secual practices Theory/Concept/Term: Socially Constructed Definition: - Sexuality or sexual orientation is not embedded within our biology - It’s a product of our social context just like other types of inequalities - Biology does influence how we experience & express our sexuality - Is implicated in a cultures decision to highlight sexual orientation as a topic of interest Theory/Concept/Term: Sociology of sex Definition: - Sexuality is multi-layered by: experiences, thoughts, fantisies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, roles, relationships & behaviour - Sexuality manifests in many factors: Biological, psychological, economic, political, cultural, ethical, legal, historical, religious, spiritual & social Source: Alfred Kinsey – Sexologist: Conducted research at end of the “Victorian Prudery” during the 1950’s Theory/Concept/Term: - Human sexual orientation lies on a continuum, heterosexuality and homosexuality at opposite ends of the spectrum - Responding to biologist and psychologists beliefs that heterosexuality was part of animals innate or instinctive equipment - 1947 founded a research lab (Kinsey Institute), where he surveyed around 1800 Americians on their sexual practices - It showed that men of different social classes were very different in terms of their sexual behaviour - Women’s class was less significant than their age and gender ideologies for explaining sexual variations - His most IMPORTANT contributation is his Heterosexual-Homosexual Rating Scale - 7 point continuum showing a complex/sophisticated understanding of sexual tastes. - He avoided lavelling people themselves as hetro or homo & their sexual desires - They existed somewhere between the ends of the continuum at different points in time - He noticed not all people act on secual wishes Source: Mariana Valverde (1980) Theory/Concept/Term: - Suggested that arguments normalizing heterosexuality are rooted in biological determinist perspectives that sees hetro as natural and innate Source: Karin Martin Theory/Concept/Term: Heteronormativity - Sense that heterosexuality is to be taken for granted as normal and natural - Subtle often practiced without realizing - Surprised to find out someones homo - Used these theories to explore how parents contribute to shaping children’s sexuality - Her ethnographic study shows how moms privilege & take forgranted heterosexuality - This constructs childrens sexual views and experiences This occurs through two sets of practices: - One, many moms imagine/create a world for children in which only heterosexuals exist - Moms interpret their childrens behaviour as showing hetro interest, projecting the
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