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Dan Dolderman

Commit Sociology Chapter Culture NotesCulture and society in a changing world As our society has become more diverse and communication among members of international culturesmore frequent the need to appreciate diversity and to understand how people in other cultures view their work has also increasedCulture and SocietyThe importance of culture We rely on culture because we are not born with the information we need to surviveWe must learn culture through interaction observation and imitation in order to participate as members of the group Culture has been described as the common denominator that makes the actions of individuals intelligible to the group Haviland Our behaviour is instinctiveinstinct is an unlearned biologically determined behaviour pattern common to all members Humans do not have instinctsMaterial and Nonmaterial culture Material culturea component of culture that consists of the physical or tangible creations such as clothing shelter Sociologists define technology as knowledge Material culture is important because it is our buffer against the environment like we create house to protect from weather
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