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Sociology- Sexualities-(social problems)  Homosexuality is an attraction,physical and emotional, to ppl of the same sex.  Sexual orientation is a sexual attraction to ppl of a particular sex  Queer is a terms to describe ppl who identify themselves as anything other than heterosexual  LGBTQacronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual transgendered, queer often used to speak of the LGBTQ community  In early 20 cen north America, most ppl held the view that sexuality is fixed and binary  Dr Alfred Kinsey showed that human sexual orientation lies on a continuum, with heterosexuality at one end and homosexuality at the other st  The Canadian community health survey, was the 1 survey to have included sexual orientation as a question.  Some ppl fall outside the rigid gender binary: they do not fit easily into either of the socially or biologically defined roles of male and female  Transgendered term for any gender-variant person(they cannot with identify their birth sex/ gender)  Bisexual someone who is sexually attracted so both sexes  Cross-dressers aka transvestites  The most important step in the sexual career is “coming out”  Sexual identityhow a person self identifies-whether as straight gay, lesbian etc  Behaviour that we wud consider homosexual today such as anal sex btwn 2 males was not assumed in ancient Greece to reveal a person’s sexual identity  The Greeks felt one couldn’t readily infer sexual identity from sexual actions  Countries with restrictive morality laws believe that homosexual behavious is morally wrong and threatening to society. in these jurisdictions, punishments for homosexual relations may include imprisonment lashes or even death  Confucian philosophy did not oppose homosexuality unless the fam forbade it  Researchers have replaced the earlier anthropological term “berdache” with the term “2 spirit” or “2 spirited” to refer to North American Aboriginal thinking about Aboriginals who are gay, lesbian etc  Often two spirited or the related concept of the “third gender” in Native communities is invoked as a sort of myth to accommodate Western notions of transsexuality  The term “2 spirited” devised by Native activists in 1990 has been to reconnect with Aboriginal cultural tradition. it signals a fluid sexual identity, and in this respect it moves beyond the binary distinction between gay and straight, male and female that is common in Western traditions  Aboriginal ppl who identify as “2 spirited” not only encounter heterosexism and sexism but often also suffer racism from both society at large and queer identity movements  Functionalist perspectiveanything that upsets clear role expectations and situational norms is socially disruptive  From the functionalist perspective the decline of heteronormativity and the blurring of gender lines pose problems for social order.  Functionalist would likely look with approval at the success homosexuals have had in organizing LGBT communities to satisfy their social needs.  Women are most tolerant of homosexuality than men  Feminists are particularly inclined to support same-sex marriage, since doing so reinforces patriarchal ideals and entrenches traditional gender roles in the fam  IPV (intimate partner violence)  Heterosexism is the discrimination against homosexuals in favour of heterosexuals  Symbolic interactionist theories pay attn to the construction and enactment of sexual orientations. they also look at the outcomes of labelling individuals as gay straight etc and at how these roles are internalized  Stephen Murray was borin in 1950-he was gay an
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