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Chapter 11


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University of Toronto St. George
Nathan Innocente

social control theory only chapter 11 not ch12 p388400compatible with psychiatricbioloigcal explanations they say that we all have innate drives and needs but they must be restrained if civilization is to be maintainedsocial control effective leading to conformity control theory focuses rather on BARRIERS or lack thereofrather than biological innate drives and needs but every one is innately capable of being deviant objective empirical sceincestatistical analysis of self report data from large nonrandom samplesRECKLESSCONTAINMENT THEORY containment theory early version of social control theoryfocus innerouter factors which contained an average person but were absentweakened in deviants ie a good boy who lived in a high delinquint neighbourhoodhow was such a person avoiding criminality inner controls direct and indirectaka self controlsthe healthy self is conforming conventional goal diected in a realistic and flexible way deterring gratificationtolerating frustration an individual experiences feelings of ineriority hostility anger rebellion etc urges towards deviant immediate gratificationsif such feelings are uncontrolleddeviancedirectconscience inner strength responsibility frustration tolerance ability to feel guilt and shame and not to respond to this with justifications to deviate indirect the individual has a rational interest in maintaining a stake in conformity both directindirect entail a presence of a strong and health self concept that is misaligned with deviant routes outer controlsthe outer world provided both pressures toward deviance and fences to prevent iteg eternal factos poverty relative deprivation insecurity deviant companions deviant opportunities directthreats of sanctions ie a security cameramost effective when they are consistent across institutional settings so that the individual faces a consistent moral front
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