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SOC212 Textbook Ch1

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University of Toronto St. George
Nathan Innocente

CH 1Issue in the Study of DevianceWhy Study DevianceVicarious ExperienceLiving in our hears the apparently more exciting or interesting lives of others or by investigating them and discovering that our own lives are preferablePsychiatrist tell us that fascination with deviance can be a way of dealing with disowned parts of ourselvesA habit that our culture reinforces Watching sneaky conniving people treat each other badly is much more interesting to most of us than watching pleasant orderly people TV program ratings media mogulsCan distort our understanding of devianceLead us to study rare deviance and a lack of attention to the more frequent but banal forms of deviance eg cheating exploitingReformSometimes an interest in reform is personal Personal knowledge of the devastation of rape etc may provoke the desire to know more about their causes and curesVictims of crime often become experts on the criminal justice systemSome study deviance bc they recognize that knowing how to do something about deviance has value Reform as a research motivation has its own dangers1Search for reform policies sometimes outruns our tested knowledge2The belief that understanding means excusing Afraid to consider the deviant perspective seriouslythink like the predator1Ignores the fact that many kinds of deviance are not as harmful s they made out to beThings deviant generation ago women going to med schools are now seen as precursors for social changeSelfProtection and SophisticationLike to know what goes on behind the facades of social lifeBeing knowledgeable about the tactics of cult recruiters drug pusherscan make us feel wiser and safer Ability to recognize that some deviants are not as harmful as their demonized reputations implyUnderstanding Oneself and OthersSome enjoy having deviant image seek permanent id w deviant lifestyles and images tattoos clothing styles body languageLearning the choices of others can make our own choices clearer Intellectual CuriosityPure disinterested curiostyFinding out who pimps are how they become pimps what they actually do how they leave the role if they do etc
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