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Summary of Readings for Nov 15

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Bonnie Fox

Cherlin ReadingDeinstitutionalization a weakening of social norms that define partners behaviorCan be seen in increasing numbers of cohabiting unions and emergence of samesex couplesTwo transitions that have created social context for deinstitutionalization1 Ernest Burgess from institutional marriage to the companionate marriage2 Individualized marriage in which emphasis on individual and personal choiceCherlin thought that remarriages lacked wellestablished social norms such as when it is appropriate to discipline a childBut he argued that over time as remarriage after divorce becomes more common norms would emerge an remarriage would become institutionalizedHe thought that parents and children in remarriages would become more like first marriagesBut instead of remarriages becoming like first marriages the opposite has occurredAs marriage is becoming deinstitutionalizedDistinct roles of breadwinner and homemaker were fading as more married women enter the workforceHochschilds stalled revolutionchanging division of labourMarriage is no longer the universal setting for childbearingDivorce on rise1970s growth of cohabitation accelerated in the 1980s and the 1990s1990s issue of samesex marriageCohabitation was thought to be a shortterm arrangement among young adults who would either qui
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