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Why use theories in qualitative researchWhy is theory usefultheories provide complex and comprehensive conceptual understandings of things that cannot be pinned down how societies work how organizations operate why ppl interact in certain waystheories give researchers different lenses through which to look at complicated problems and social issues focusing their attention on different aspects of the data and providing a framework within which to conduct their analysisWhat are exmaples of theories used by qualitative researchersphenomenology originally developed to explain how individuals give meanings to social phenomena in their everyday livesphenomenology aims to provide accounts that offer an insight into the subjective lived experience of individualsfocus is on providing research accounts for individuals in a specific settingin general studies that draw upon a phenomenological approach gather data in the form of in depth semistructured or unstructured interviews and personal documents such as diaries phenomenology as a result of its specific empiral focus on the individual experience is an example of a micro level theory within this philosophical orientationInteractionismin contrast to phenomenological focus on understanding individual perceptions interactionism concentrates on exploring collective group or team behaviors and perceptionsoriginally aimed to provide an understanding of individuals interactions by examing the symbols especially the language they use
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