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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Week 9: March 14 FAMILY & SUPPORT Chapter 8 Family Relationships and Social Support System Defining the Concept of Social Support System Social support system: the network of relatives, friends, and organizations that provides both emotional support, such as making the individual feel loved or comforted, and instrumental support, which refers to help in managing activities of daily living o Support function: what network members actually do Older people are firmly embedded in an extensive social support Division of labor within the support network Family providing more instrumental support and friends more emotional support Support bank: deposits are made early in the life course in anticipation of future needs, or withdrawals The convoy model of social relations: The convoy consists of close social relationships that provide a protective layer surrounding an individual from birth to old age o Individuals convoy provide assistance with everyday needs such as health care or finances as well as emotional support and affirmation of an individuals hopes and goals www.notesolution.com Not all social relations are positive all the timeespecially in the family relationships, feelings of ambivalence are common o Positive and negative aspects of families and social relations across the life course Gender Differences in Social Support System Women are more likely to maintain social networks o As a result, women have more people in their support networks, more frequent contact with network members (advantage in old age) o Its drawbacks: more conflict between network members and women are more likely to be negatively affected by the stressful events that occur among people who are close to them Changing Family Structure and Social Support System Nuclear family: a traditional two-parent family composed of husband, wife, and child Extended family: includes the network of familial relationships grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephewsoutside the nuclear family o The structure of a persons family affects the structure of that persons social support system Family life has become more complex than it was in earlier times o Declining in mortality= potential for people at all stages of the life course to experience complex kin relationships and to be part of an intricate web of intergenerational family ties www.notesolution.com
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