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Parker & Aggleton: HIV and AIDS - related stigma and discrimination

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Robb Travers

SOC309 November 4 2011HIV and AIDSrelated stigma and discrimination a conceptual framework and implications for action Richard Parker Peter Aggletony Increased interest in HIVAIDS related stigma internationally due to the negative social responses in seriously affected communities o Rarely addressed issuepaper addresses this Highlights manner which stigma feeds upon strengthens and reproduces existing inequalities of class race gender and sexuality Introduction y Jonathan Mann founding Director of World Health Organizations former Global Programme on AIDS addressed the United Nations General Assembly Distinguished 3 phases of AIDS epidemic in any community o Epidemic of HIV infectiontypically enters every community silently and unnoticed Develops over many years without being widely perceived or understood o Epidemic of AIDS itselfsyndrome of infectious diseases that can occur because of HIV infection typically after a delay of number of years o Epidemic of social cultural economic and political responses to AIDScharacterized by high levels of stigma discrimination and denial y Important to develop more adequate conceptual framework on the study of stigmadiscrimination how it applies to HIVAIDS and possible interventions to preventStigmatization and discrimination as so
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