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Chapter 5

soc313 chapter 5 notes.

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Chapter 5 Policingpolicing is conducted by police and relies on a range of agencies and organizationsRobert Reinerthe terms police and policing refer to two separate things equating them is a symptom of the police fetishism police specific organization endowed with the states legal authority to use physical coercion or the threat of it to enforce the law in pursuance of the maintenance of social orderpolicing refers to a diver range of ordering and controlling activities performed by wide range of agencies private security firms local community organizations local govt environmental health inspectorsthe fetish describes results from what Manning has termed the mythology of policing key component of the police myth is its emphasis upon crime control work as the central focus of police activityEgon Bittnerthe emergency maintenance of social order police act in those situations where social order is either going to or has been breached this reflects the ability of the police to invoke legally sanctioned coercive force to manage a variety of problemslaw is the the principal mechanism through which sovereign states intervene in the lives of the citizenry and the police and other policing agencies are central in directing its application and enforcementWhat police do1 crime managementprevention and detection of crime social research evidence suggests that police have only a limited ability to prevent and detect crime most crime is solved by information provided to the police by the public social control pivots around the prevention and detection of crime the impact of these efforts on levels of crime is limited2 order managementmost daytoday work relates to fairly low level conflicts and maintaining social order policing the dross of society what Reiner dubs police propertythose groups of the population whose activities others find detrimental to their quality of life3 security managementsecurity is a presence in absence absence of risks
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