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Alexandra Marin

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Patterns of Transitional Contact Among Chinese and Indian Immigrants in Toronto By Eric Fong, Xingshan Cao, and Elic Chan Main Findings:  Recognizes advancements in technology and increased economic integration of countries  new trend where immigrants maintain contact with home countries  Focuses on general transnational contact, basic form of transnational activity  Draws from large-scale survey data from two recent immigrant groups, Asian Indians and Chinese, in Toronto  Only a small percentage of immigrants maintain intensive and extensive transnational contact  Findings less consistent with transnational perspective  More in sync with assimilation perspective on effects of socioeconomic background on transnational contacts  Assimilation perspective- suggests gradual decline in social and economical contact with home country as immigrants stay in the new country longer  Transnational perspective- the process by which transmigrants forge and sustain multi-stranded social, economic, and political relations that link together their societies of origin and settlement  emphasis on “pluri-local nature” of immigrant activities  International Migration review- journal devoted to international migration studies  Global Network- journal specifically devoted to exploring topics related to the transnational activities of immigrants  Criticism of previous research largely based on case studies – lacks sufficient data to provide general picture  Tendency to focus on cases where transnational activities occurred  Second criticism is most research focuses on specific activities which only a small group of immigrants participate in  This study focuses on intensity and extensity of immigrant use of communication technologies to maintain transnational contact  differentiates between 3 types of transnational contact: 1. face-to-face contact- visits to the home country 2. mediated contact- long distance calls and emails 3. quasi-mediated contact- listening to online radio and reading newspapers from home country  looks at how immigrants duration in country and socioeconomic background are related to their transnational contact  3 Hypothesis (for this study): 1. Face-to-face transnational contact is positively related to the in
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