SMC219Y1 Chapter Notes -Rolex, Thomas Edison

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Published on 14 Apr 2013
St. Michael's College Courses
Lecture 1
Tuesday, May 08, 2012
8:40 AM
-one way of learning in terms of it through semantically; through direct touch and seeing the reaction
-media comes from medium "middle" in between; magazine for africa desert can be seen a medium
between us and africa. TV, radio, internet are all medium
-media is a reflection/mirror of media
-media is unconstructed reality/unreal
-becames its own rather then it being a representation or reference to real life
-we must question the relationship of media to reality; why are some things presented the way they
are? Are they real or someone presepective to make you believe something?
-media has a voice is malupative to show a certain view
-media are "socially realized structure of communications, where structures include both technological
forms and their associated protocols, and where communication ……..
-what is media: social realized structure=something being build for us socially (being boardcasted, being
-of communication; photographs, movies
-technological form; medium it is; internet, magazing
-is the watch media? Depends on how you look at it. Is it a statement? Yes. You can detereminet how a
person is based on their watch a person can be seen or determined diferent such as a geeky watch and a
rolex watch
-mass media refers to ability to boardcast too many at a distance
-bible can be carried from place to another and doesn’t despencate; can be place and viewed with
different texts
-1973; peak year of newspaper pentractuation into the north american household. 2005 down to 49%
get newspaper. Since then people have turned on reliance more and more to get their news
-newspaper forms a type of news that doesn’t make it to other stuff such as fox and apps
-kinetic scope 1892 by thomas edison; trying to make a first thing that we can see a slient film. Blocks
and lets light go through to see a motion picture. Putting sound and motion together 1927; first talking
picture shown
-boardcast media; skips telegraphs and telephone why? Its one to one, its not boardcasted to many.
First type of boardcast is the radio
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