Borg & Wright Reading - chapter 4 summary

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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

Jesus Before and After EasterPreEaster Jewish Mystic healer wisdom teacher social prophet movement initiator PostEaster Christian Messiah exalted messiah son of God Bread of LifeJesus is bothclaim as historian and ChristianHistory metaphorized early Christian movenets witness to what Jesus became in experienceSelfawareness messianicJesus thought he was messiah and he was rightJesus thought he was messiah and he was wrongJesus didnt think he was messiah so wasnt messiah fact literalismfundamentalismWhether he thought or not is messiahBorg chooses last Wright choose first agree Jesus is Christian messiah disagree about messianic selfunderstanding in selfawarenessBelieve unable to make affirmation because flow directly out of taking seriously that gospels are dev tradition and mixture of history remembered and metaphorizedIn Mark messianic selfclaim not part of Jesuss own message Jesus is both Son of God and messiah Jesus never accepted or rejected Peters You are the messiah told him to say nothi
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