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Anthropology 3332F/G Chapter Notes - Chapter online reading : Menopause

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Andrew Walsh
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Saturday, November 18, 2017
Withdrawal or Second Childhood: The Challenge of
Old Age in the Temple Town of Bhubaneswar
by Usha Menon !
-Based on ethnographic data, it suggests that there are two competing cultural
constructions of old age: one as withdrawal from the struggles of the mundane
world and the other as a second childhood
-research conducted on older women in India
-older women express negligence in the part of their children
-the young see them as being childish again and selfish
-seen as a time of rest
-those who follow the norm of aging as resting and being passive generally have
a better experience than those that deviate from the norm
-disengagement theory - that with old age, people become less attached or
involved in their communities
-a lot of similarity with Bengali women from Lamb’s article
-marriage seen as ultimate success
-when talking of lifespan, the Hindu women speak in terms of responsibilities
-marriage as a huge point of change
-adulthood the most satisfying
-a mutual identity of senior wife and married mother in law
-senior wives no longer have chores to do but junior wives do
-however she’s responsible for serving the food which is seen as prestigious
-more liberation in moving freely in the house
-the younger women do all the household chores while the older mom of the
house is seen in a divinity
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