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Business Administration
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Business Administration 2295F/G

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DateWeek1Pages603615AppendixResearchinOBReduceReciteRecordObjectives A1 Explain what hypothesis is and define meaning of variableindependentdependent variables moderating A2 Distinguish btwnmediating variablesA3 Differentiate reliability from validityconvergent validity from discriminant validityA4 Understand observational research and distinguish btwn participant and direct observationA5 Describe correlational research and explain why causation cannot be inferred from correlationA6 Explain experimental research and the meaning of internal validity and discuss threats to internal validityA7 Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of different research techniquesA8 Describe random sampling random assignment external validity and role they play in research processA9 Explain quasiexperimental design and how it differs from experimental researchA10 Explain the Hawthorne effect and how it can occurA11 Discuss the basic ethical concerns to which researches must attend A1 What is a hypothesisFormal statement of the expected relationship btwn 2 variablesWhat is a variableMeasu
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