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Chemistry 1027A/B
Mark Workentin

Topic 7 Amines What Are Amines?  Derivatives of ammonia (NH 3 in which one or more H are replaced by alkyl or aryl groups  Classified as 1°, 2°, or 3° depending on number of H atoms of ammonia that are replaced  The 3 atoms / groups bonded to the N in amines assume a trigonal pyramidal geometry  Aliphatic Amine: amine in which N is bonded only to alkyl groups  Aromatic Amine: amine in which N is bonded to one or more aryl groups  Heterocyclic Amine: amine in which N is one of the atoms of a ring  Heterocyclic Aromatic Ring: amine in which N is one of the atoms of an aromatic ring What Are The Characteristic Physical Properties Of Amines?  Amines are polar compounds, both primary and secondary amines form intermolecular H bonds  All classes of amines form H bonds with water and are more soluble in water What Are The Acid-Base Properties Of Amines?  Like ammonia, all amines are weak bases  All aliphatic amines have about the same base strength and are slightly stronger bases than ammonia  Aromatic amines and heterocylic aromatic amines are considerably weaker bases than are aliphatic amines due to resonance interaction  EWG decrease basicity of substituted aromatic amines by decreasing
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