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Chapter 1.2

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Chemistry 1027A/B
Felix Lee

1.2: Chemistry Review S-Block elements (Group 1+2) 1 Group 1: Alkali metals – one valence electron (ns ) Group 2: Alkaline earth metals – two valence electrons (ns ) 2 P-Block elements (Groups 13 to 18) Group 13: Trieles – three valence electrons (ns np )2 1 2 2 Group 14: Tetrels – four valence electrons (ns np ) Group 15: Pnictogens – five valence electrons (ns np ) 2 3 2 4 Group 16: Chalcogens – six valence electrons (ns np ) Group 17: Halogens – seven valence electrons (ns np ) 2 5 2 6 Group 18: Noble gases – eight valence electrons (ns np ) S and P block elements are called the main group elements. D and F block elements are called the transition elements. Effective Nuclear Charge (Z*) – force felt by any given electron Z* = Z-Z prev noble gas A higher Z* indicates a stronger attraction between the outer electrons and the nucleus. Z* increases as you move left to right across a row. Atom size decreases as Z* increases, therefore it decreases as you move left to right across a row. Atom size decr
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