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Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B
Diane Goldstein

CompSci 1032 Taylor Ward October 4, 2011 Chapter 2a: Introduction to Microsoft Excel 1. What is a spreadsheet? - Before advent of computer, accountants and financial planners used paper spreadsheets to illustrate financial calculations - Spreadsheet is an application designed to handle the organization, summarization, and presentation of primarily numeric data - Store information in cells in a large table (defined by letters as columns and numbers as rows) - Can be called a worksheet 2. How do I enter formulas?  Spreadsheets allow you to enter information such as o Letters (which cannot be used in arithmetic operations o Numbers (which can be used for arithmetic operations, and o Formulas (must begin with and equals sign  Referencing Cells: when you build a formula, you can reference other cells by typing the address of the cell (B4 or C7)  Filling formulas: o Fill formula allows us to use a formula we have already created to generate similar formulas o First click once on the formula you want to copy o Move mouse to bottom-right corner of the cell to the “handle” on the cell o Click and hold the
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