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Chapter 4: Demand for Tourism in the United States
International Travel to the United States
- The US has consistently been listed on the Worlds Tourism Organizations top five most visited
- The single largest foreign source of tourists to the US is Canada
o NY and Florida are the most important destinations for Canadians
- Nearly a third of all international visitors plan on spending time in NY
Domestic Travel in the United States
- In 2007, 903 million international trips were recorded around the world
o Twice as much as in 1990
- More than ¼ of US domestic travel was for business
Outbound Travel by US Residents
- Americans do not travel abroad to the same extent as their European and Canadian
- The most popular foreign destinations for Americans are
o Mexico
o Canada
o UK
o Italy
o France
o Germany
o Japan
- *** kinda funny they said a main reason for Americans to travel to Canada is “Canada’s natural
beauty, which many see as equal or superior to the natural environment of the United States”
o I am pretty sure we all know were superior hehe
Demand Shifters
- Tourism is highly unpredictable; it fluctuates rapidly and erratically with every social, political,
environmental, or economic occurrence in the destination
- Forces that cause demand for tourism to fluctuate up or down are referred to as demand
o Can be identified in multiple forms: demographic trends, staging of special events,
economic challenges, political unrest etc...
o Most common in recent years has been safety and security concerns
- Demographic trend examples
o Retirees
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