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Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Launching the New Republic

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Western University
History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

Chapter 7 Launching the New Republic I Constitutional Government Takes Shape 17881796 y Implementing Government o First order of business was electing a president and Congress o Electoral college unanimously chose George Washington as president and John Adams as vice president o Washington as president hardly surprising calmed American fears of presidential powers y New York new national capital y Constitution vague about the executive branch only mentioned that the president must obtain advice and consent when appointing heads of the bureaus y Federal Judiciary and the Bill of Rights o Constitution authorized Congress to establish federal courts below the Supreme Court level o Established by Judiciary act of 1789 o Respected state traditions while offering wide access to federal justice o Bill of Rights first ten amendments to the Constitution guaranteed personal liberties drafted by James MadisonFreedom of speech religion state militia etcII Hamiltons Domestic Policies 17891794y Alexander Hamilton Washingtons chief advisor architect of major plans for Americas future y Hamilton and his Objectives o Forceful advocate of strong national government and an economic environment attractive to investment o Financial policies had 2 goals1Strengthen the nation against foreign enemies2Lessen the threat of disunion o War with Britain Spain or both was an immediate danger o Hamilton feared the Union might disintegrate because Americans tended to think first of local loyalties and interests y Establishing the Nations Credit o 1789 Congress had the treasury evaluate the Revolutionary War debt y Report on the Public Credit o Hamiltons plan to ensure support for the new government by maintaining a permanent debt o Recommended that the federal government fund the national debt by raising 54 million in new securities to honour the war debt o Hamilton exhorted the government to use he money earned by selling federal lands in the west t pay off 12 million owed to Europeans and suggested the remaining 42 million owed to be Americas permanent debtSole burden on taxpayers would be a small annual interest
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