Health Sciences 1002A/B Chapter Notes -Negative And Positive Rights

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Concepts: universal declaration of human rights, 5 core notions of human rights, mainstreaming, right to health, human rights approach to health. Universal declaration of human rights: a brief history: adopted by the un on december 10, 1048, the aftermath of international destruction of humans, 5 core notions underlying the declaration. Negative rights they call upon or ask the government not to interfere with the basic need to express oneself (verbally, in writing, etc: economic, social, and cultural rights. Rights to peach, preservation of cultural heritage, etc. ) There is an international focus on this (globalization increasing interdependence in different states) The united nations declaration on the rights of indigenous. On september 13, 2007, the un adopted the declaration on the. Establishes a universal framework of minimum standards for the survival, dignity, well-being and rights of the world"s indigenous peoples. Canada was one of only four nations to vote against it.