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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
Kevin Thompson

Chapter 1: The Challenges of HRM Human Resources Management: integrated set of processes, programs, and systems in an organization that focuses on the effective deployment and development of its employees Employee: contract workers, people from other organizations who are working on a project, or any other similar working relationship - The term “human resources” implies that people are as important to the success of any business as other resources, such as money, materials, machinery, and information HRM Processes & Activities 1. Organizational, Work, and Job Design: determining what tasks need to be done, with what skills, how tasks fit together in work units, and in what order. 2. Planning: ensuring that you have the right people with the right skills, time, and place 3. Recruitment & Selection: sourcing, finding, and hiring people with necessary skills and background 4. Training & Development: providing resources to develop knowledge and skills to do their jobs 5. Performance Management: ensuring that there is a way to provide employee feedback on a regular basis 6. Compensation: developing and administering pay and benefits programs to keep employees 7. Occupational health & safety: ensuring health and safety of employees is maintained 8. Employee & Labour Relations: ensuring positive/constructive relations between employees and their supervisors, etc Emerging HRM Processes & Activities  Organizational development and learning  High performance work groups or teams  Flexible work arrangements  Human resource information and management systems (HRIS) Why Study Human Resources Management?  Understand human behavior and various systems/practices to build a skilled, knowledgeable, motivated workforce  Managers must be aware of economic, technological, social, and legal issues that either help or hinder their ability to achieve organizational success  Increasing attention to individual needs of employees  Without good people management in an organization, an employee might respond in a way that does not contribute to the success of the organization Partnership of Line Managers and HR Professionals Role of the Line Manager  People managers  Directly interacts with the employees and s responsible for the effective contribution of those employees to the organization  Line manager identifies the gaps in any skill sets -> HR practitioner then offers some ways and means to bridge gap - Line Authority: being directly responsible for the product or service Role of the HR Professional  Know how to recruit and pay people appropriately  Main role is to help equip the line manager with the best people practices so that the organization can be successful  Provide service activities (recruiting & training)  Listen to employee concerns and making sure organization is aware  Example: company will hire HR professional to develop overall recruitment approach to attract individuals with key skill sets, line manager will be the one who actually chooses from the pool Current Business Challenges  Global Economy  Survival of firms and business sectors  Technology and quality  Responses to environment and climate change  Developing human capital and talent management  Demographic and employee concerns Global Economy  Canadian economy primarily built on exports including natural resources Effect of Globalization on HRM  Identifying capable expatriate managers who live and work overseas  Designing training programs and development opportunities to enhance the manager’s understanding of foreign cultures and work practices  Adjusting compensation plans to ensure that pay schemes are fair and equitable across individuals in different regions with different costs of living Survival of Firms and Business Sectors  Managing Costs o Labour costs are one of the largest expenditures of any organization o Downsizing: planned elimination of jobs o Attempting to minimize the impact on individuals while dealing with the current fin
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