Airports and Security

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1022F/G
Suzanne Kearns

Chapter 4 Airports and Security airport represents connection to provincial national and international trade national andinternational trade which is crucial in globallyintegrated economyairports responsible for 45B economic activity in their communities1 daily A340 flight into airport creates 660 fulltime jobs since 1992 95B have been committed to improving infrastructure of Canadian airports economic importancefirst facility intl guests exp2008 700M foreign travellers airport gives country good rep makes Canadian life so much easier can import exotics and suchbusiness peopletheir goodsservices can be delivered internationally sustain trade relations 2007 450M exported 407 imported airports helped embrace multiculturalism bring foreign diplomatsintl business leaders to Canada120 jobs linked to airport Airport Organization 726 airports in Canada 27 major airportstil early 1990s most major Cdn airports opownsubsidize by govt thru TC cost taxpayers 80MyrNational Airports Policy 1992 transfer financialoperational airport responsibility to local authorities classified all Cdn airports as nationallysignificant localregional small remote based onscheduled trafficairline traffic nationally significant airports part of National Airports Systems NASNAS airport located in capital cityhave annual traffic of 200 000 pax27 NAS airports govt legally owns all but financialoperational management left to CanadianAirport Authorities CAApurpose ensure airports crucial to Cdn air transportation remain viableoperational2003 NAS airports transferred fm govt to CAA management CAA operate under principles CAA nfp corporations guided by local board of directors board members are reps of local communitydo not include govt empelected reps there are fedprov govt representation on board of directors method of apptmntrevocation of apptmnts to board of directors specified annual general meeting open to public contracts in excess of total val 75000 normall awarded thru competitive bid process CAAs established community consultative committees public will has access to CAAs key business docs CAA has performance review conducted by outside review at least 1ce every 5 yrs
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