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Chapter 1

Nursing 1160A/B Chapter 1: Article Reading Notes - Putting Patients First

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NURS 1160A/B
Karen Ferguson

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Week 1 – Reading Notes Virginia Polihronova
Putting Patients First
RNAO Reading Notes
Week 1 – January 5th, 2016
Virginia Polihronova
What is the difference between and RN and RPN?
- Educated from the same body of nursing knowledge
- RNs study it in greater depth over a longer period of time
oTherefore provide care in more complex situations
Principles and Values of Nurses
- Patient-centered care
oPatient can be individual, family, or community
oHaving equal access to care
oRespecting and addressing patient wishes, concerns, values, priorities, point of
view, and strengths
oCaring for patient as a human being, not a problem
oAllowing patient to have active role in health care plan; allow them to define their
oPatients have the right to receive care from the same team of nurses on a regular
basis as much as possible
oAddressing needs of client in a timely manner
Patient-Centered Care and the Family
- Nurses should address the needs of the family along with the patient
- Must respect family’s viewpoint and role in patient health
- Help create caring relationships
- Advocate for patient’s right to choose degree of family involvement
Key Strategies in PCC
- Vast knowledge in fields of science, psychology, sociology, and nursing
oComes from research, theories, experience, patients, co-workers, and self-
- Self-awareness
oReflection upon own values, goals, and needs; ensure they do not conflict with
- Mentorship
oFor advice and support
- Healthy work environment
oAdequate staff, equipment, and access to latest research findings
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