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Philosophy 2203E
Charles Middleton

BOOK ONE NO INNATE SPECULATIVE PRINCIPLES  There is nothing more commonly taken for granted than that there are certain principles both speculative and practical – universally agreed upon by all mankind  Must bends to be the constant impressions, as they do any of their inherent faculties  That if it were true in matter of fact that there were certain truths wherein all mankind agreed, t would not prove them innate  Argument of universal consent which is made use of to prove innate principles, so settled a reputation of maxims universally received  Be though strange if anyone should seem to question it, propositions are so far from having any universal assent – a great part of mankind  All children and idiots have no the least apprehension or thought of them – universal assent needs to be necessary concomitant of all innate truths  Therefore children and idiots have souls, have minds with those impressions upon them they must unavoidably perceive them, and necessarily know and asset to these truths  To say a notion is imprinted on the mind, and yet at the same time to say that the mind is ignorant of it and never yet took notice of it is to make this impression nothing  If anyone can be said to be in the mind it must be only because it is capable of knowing it  For nobody, I think ever denied that the mind was capable of knowing
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