The National Interest in 9/11

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Political Science
Political Science 3366E
Nigmendra Narain

Readings Week 4 Stiles THE NATIONAL INTEREST IN 911 y As states came to be based on popular sovereignty however the interests of the citizenry as a whole had to be taken into account y Extended to the security of citizens living outside the territory of the state y American idealism its quest for peace and justiceshould push the country into a leadership role in world affairs or whether it should avoid all entangling alliances y Emphasize the need for the US to withdraw from nonessential international obligationsy Emphasize the need for reducing oil dependency and import dependency others focus on the need to control foreign investment flows into the country to preserve US control of critical resourcesy Liberal neoisolationsists stress repairing urban decay alleviating poverty fighting racism and rebuilding schools y Neoconservatives seek reductions in government regulations and handouts to the poor and a reversal of the decline of family valuesy Conservatives dismiss liberal isolationism as merely a ploy to spend the maximum amount of money on social programs at home and the minimum abro
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