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Chapter 17

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Psychology 2075

Chapter 17 Sex for Sale: Human Sexuality Commercial sex work  Include a variety of things such as erotic dancers to porn stars  These activities involve the sale of a service to “satisfy a sexual fantasy for a customer”  Commercial sex workers: a person who engages in sexual acts in return for money or drugs and so in a fairly non-discriminating fashion; prostitute  Prostitution has not ever been illegal in Canada, but things related are- like the stopping of cars effecting traffic, or communicating in public  An Ontario judge struck down on these sections saying that they go against the constitution because the increase harm to the street prostitutes  Punishment is a minor offense usually a fine unless you are a repeat offender; in this case there may be a small amount of jail time  Common Bawdy house: a place kept, occupied or used by one or more persons to engage in prostitution or indecency  The laws do little to discourage prostitution, very hard to prove and convict and the laws are not specific as to where is can take place  More women are convicted then men because men do not like to go undercover as a gay man, so the charges are not proportionate  In a Canadian poll, it was spilt half and half with people agreeing with the laws, as protection and for the public good, and others thought that they were not good as the forced prostitutes into unsafe situations  Can be very dangerous as an average of 7 prostitutes die each year, and more than half of them are sexually assaulted or assaulted  Some people believe that sex work should be unionized, and that they deserve all the rights that other workers do  Some other people feel that prostitution makes the environment unsafe and dangerous and that it should be illegal Female sex workers  Venues: o Call girl: the most expensive and exclusive category of sex workers  Lives in a upscale residence maintains her health, picks who she wants to see and may even escort men on business trips etc. o Brothel: a house of prostitutions where sex workers and customers meet for sexual activity  Have been replaced by in-call services: a residence where sex workers work regular shifts selling sexual services on an hourly basis o Massage parlour: a place where massages and sexual services take place o Out call service: a services that sends a sex worker to a location specified by the client to provide sexual services o Street walker: a lower status sex worker who works on the streets selling sexual services  They can earn up to 2000 dollars a week but the mean annual income is roughly 18000 because the are arrested more frequently  This is also more dangerous as they don’t have control of there surroundings  The role of third parties o Pimp: a sex workers companion, protector and master o Madam: a women who manages a brothel, in-call, out-call, or escort service o Sex-trafficking: the recruitment and control of persons for sexual exploitation  Estimated that this brings in around 7 billion dollar annually  The children are virtually slaves to the third party, the were promised a better life but obviously that does not happen  The career of a sex worker o How do they get in? for some it is survival, and for others, they like the exciting life of a call girl o Some women are coerced into this by a friend or a husband o Some become like this because they want to support a drug addiction o Most women go through an apprenticeship to learn the ropes, maybe by a madam or a pimp o Women say that the best part about this is the money and that it is flexible o There are many programs like PEER and STELLA that help women trying to get out of the sex trade business  Sex workers well-being o Women that work on the street run a high risk of becoming infected with a disease and are more subject to abuse o In places where prostitution is illegal, they are in even more danger because they cant ask for help when they do become subject to abuse and disease o The use of drugs increases the chance of that person getting a disease  Customers o The use of prostitution has declined rapidly in the past 50 years o Customer or clients are referred to as johns, and nearly half of them are regular customers o Some of the customers have paid for sex more than 50 times (10%) and 49% between 11 and 50 times o There are many different reasons that men engage in sex with sex workers; some want to gain experience, some want to engage in sexual fantasy, and some want to have sex more often then there partner likes  Male sex workers o Men sex workers are a lot less likely to be arrested, and mores of there clientele are men (most male sex workers are homosexual) o Men vary rarely work the street if there clients are female, because females should come looking for sex, and the male should come to them o Most of them work for an escorting service, and provide companionship o Gigolo: A male who provides companionship and sexual gratification on a continuing basis to a women in exchange for money  Usually they only have one client at a time, because women prefer and ongoing relationship o Hustlers: a male sex worker who sells his services to men  There are three types: the full time street/bar, these guys rarely have a pimp and tend to be younger. The second are full time call-boys. And the third category is the part time hustlers who are typically students who are employed somewhere else, they are usually from good homes and acquire good jobs, and only work when they need money  Transgender sex workers o They serve a male clientele and they are genetically male o More then half never told there clients that they are male, they would fool their clients o They are generally more like female sex workers, but sometime they enjoy what
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