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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 notes

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Western University
Psychology 2810
Doug Hazlewood

Psychology 2800E Chapter 5 VariablesReviewyConcepts constructs are wordsyOperational definitions describe how concepts will be measured or manipulated skim chapter 5s discussion of independent dependent subject and confounded variables p120122yDependent variable is the variable we measure skip nuts and bolts 133135 case in point and reading between lines 137 and exercises 52510 Measurement using rules to assign values to variability within concepts or variablesyValues can be numbers or namesyConcepts are words we use to describe things eg furnitureyVariability within concepts eg furniture chairs desks humans males femalesyVariable any observable attribute of a concept that has more than one valueyThe variables are related to the theoretical concepts by means of the operational definitions used to measure the conceptsyVariables are tangibleyTheoretical concept is intangible o Biological sex males females o Exam grade 0100 correct oo Independent variables the condition manipulated or selected by the experimenter to determine its effect on behaviour also considered to be the stimulus o Variables of interest a variable for which its role in the cause and effect of an observed relationship is unclear o Subject variable a difference between subjects that cannot be controlled but can only be selected ie sex age or intelligence o Levels the different values of an independent variable oExample Experiment on Yolandas running AlbertoTourtman 2006o Stimulus The music would act as the stimulus attempting to affect Yolandas running o Levels with or without music o Dependent variables a measure of the subjects behaviour that reflects the independent variables effects o Frequency the number of times that a behaviour is performed o Rate the number of times that a behaviour is performed relative to time o Duration the amount of time that a behaviour lasts o Latency the amount of time between an instruction and when the behaviour is actually performed o Topography the shape or style of the behaviour
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