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Chapter 15


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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 15Psychotherapy The Elements of the Treatment ProcessAll psychotherapies involve a helping relationship the treatment between a professional with special training and another person in need of helpTreatments How Many Types are thereSome people say there are as many as over 400 types of therapy Insight therapiesotalk therapy oClients engage in complex verbal interactions with their therapists oThe goal is to pursue increased insight regarding the nature of the clients difficulties and to sort through possible solutions oIndividual or group Behavior therapiesoBased on the principles of learning and conditioning oMake direct effort to alter problematic responses and maladaptive habits Biomedical therapies oInvolve interventions into a persons physiological functioning oDrug therapy and electroconvulsive therapy oPsychologists want privileges to diagnose these drugsClients Who Seeks TherapyAbout 15 of the population use mental health servicesTwo most common presenting problems are excessive anxiety and depression People hold off on seeking help from 610 years on averageA client in treatment does not necessarily have an identifiable disorderOnly about half of people who use mental health services meet the criteria for a fullfledged mental disorderOnly 8 of people seeking treatment appeared to be relatively free of psychiatric problems When people perceive they need help only about 59 actually seek it Women are more likely to receive treatment and whitesMore likely when people have medical insurance and more education Many people who need treatment dont receive itHighest age group 3544 also divorced or separated Therapists Who Provides Professional TreatmentProfessional treatment by someone with special trainingPsychologistsoClinical psychologists and counseling psychologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders and everyday behavioral problems oTraining of clinical emphasizes treatment of fullfledged disordersoTraining of counseling is slanted toward treatment of ever day adjustment problems in normal people oIn providing therapy often use insight or behavioral approaches 1
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