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Chapter 7

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Psychology 2040A/B

CHAPTER 7Cognition the activity of knowing and the mental processes by which human beings acquire and use knowledge to solve problemsCognitive development the changes that occur in childrens mental abilities over the course of their lives PIAGETS THEORY OF COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT Genetic epistemology the experimental study of the development of knowledge developed by PiagetWhat is IntelligenceIntelligence in Piagets theory a basic life function that enables an organism to adapt to its environmentAll intellectual activity is undertaken with one goal in mind to produce a balanced relationship between ones thought processes and the environmentPiaget calls this a cognitive equilibriumThe process of achieving this is equilibration Imbalances cognitive disequilibria between childrens modes of thinking and environmental events prompt them to make mental adjustments that enable them to cope with new experiences and therefore restore cognitive equilibrium Constructivist one who gains knowledge by acting or otherwise operating on objects and events to discover their properties Cognitive Schemes and Cognitive ProcessesScheme an organized pattern of thought or action that one constructs to interpret some aspect of ones experience AKA cognitive structure representations of reality Organization an inborn tendency to combine and integrate available schemes into coherent systems or bodies of knowledge Adaptation an inborn tendency to adjust to the d
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