Psychology 2070A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Aggression, Hunter-Gatherer, Victim Blaming

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Chapter 11: Aggression
- Michael Levy, weight lifting champion beaten until left in a wheel
chair unprovoked.
Agression: Intentional behaviour aimed at causing either physical or
psychological pain.
Hostile aggression: an act of aggression stemming from feelings of
anger and aimed at in#icting pain or injury.
Instrumental aggression: aggression as a means to some goal other
than causing pain.
Hobbes- humans are ‘brutes’/naturally aggressive.
Rousseau- humans are naturally gentle, but the world turns us
hostile. ‘noble savages’
Freud- eros and thanatos, believed we needed to release our
aggressive energy somehow.
-we would therefore turn this energy into a socially acceptable norm
ex. Watching scary movies.
Eros: the instinct toward life
Thanatos: an instinctual drive toward death, leading to aggressive
-genetics in males naturally cause aggression
-two types: dominance (to compete with other males for mates) and
jealousy (to prevent other males to mate with their mate).
- crime stats: males more likely to be violent in their peek
reproductive years
experiments on animal aggression
- Zing Yang Kuo: Cats raised with rats would not hurt any rat once
it is fully grown.
- Rats raised in isolation would react violently to other rats when
- We have 98% dna in common with a chimpanzee, they kill one
another at the same rate humans of hunter gatherer societies
-more primitive cultures more likely to live in peace?
Ex. Iroquois aboriginals live in harmony until war motivated
Europeans come
-social change? Increases competition
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