Psychology 2810 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Frequency Distribution, Normal Distribution, Cumulative Frequency Analysis

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Published on 7 Feb 2013
Chapter 6
empirical data- analysis and summarization of data in ways that make it possible to see
the patterns that exist in them. Includes presenting data in tables, graphs, and numerical
table- a display of data in a matrix format
graph - a representation of data by spatial relationships in a diagram
x-axis: independent variable
y-axis: dependent variable
Frequency Tables
-in this table rows indicate possible scores on test, page 143
Frequency Distributions
-a graph that shows the number of scores that fall into specific buns, or divisions of the
histogram- a frequency distribution in which the frequencies are represented by contigu-
ous bars
frequency polygon- a frequency distribution in which the frequencies are connected by
straight lines
normal curve- a bell shaped curve described by a certain mathematical function
skewed- a distribution that is not symmetrical
Cumulative Frequency Distributions
-a frequency distribution indicates the number of cases at each score
cumulative frequency distribution- a frequency distribution that shows the number of
scores that fall at or below a certain score
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