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Western University
Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 5 NotesCharacteristics of Effective TeachersTeachers Knowledge Necessary but not sufficient for effective teachingClarity Most promising behaviour for effective teachingWarmth and Enthusiasm Most strongly related to student attitudesTeacher ExpectationsPygmalion Effect selffulfilling prophecy No basis for teacher expectations but student eventually performs better because he is expected to do soSustaining Expectation Effect When students show improvement but the teachers dont change their expectationsPygmalion effect stronger in earlier grades and sustaining expectation in later gradesExpectations drawn from test scores gender knowledge of siblings permanent records activities etcEffects of ExpectationsUnfounded expectations given to teachers Only had an effect in the early years and new school settingNaturally occurring Underestimated kids get double threat low expectations and worse teachingTeaching EffectivelyOrganize lessonsAnticipate and plan for difficult partsStrive for clear explanationsMake clear connections because therefore ifthenSignal transitionsCommunicate enthusiasm for lessonGrouping strategies can have a very negative effectEasier questions less time for answering less prompts vs Harder questions more time more prompts and smilesPlanningFirst step in effective teachingBeginning of the year planning is particularly importantAll levels must be coordinated year term unit week dayExperienced teachers unit planning is most important then weekly and dailyMust allow flexibilityMust have a good knowledge of students and other things to make it interestingCollaboration is betterNo one effective model for everythingObjectives for LearningInstructional objectives Statements of what kids are intended to learn through instructionBehavioural objectives Objectives stated in terms of observable behaviour add define listCognitive objectives Emphasize thinking and comprehension understand create applyMager Start SpecificObjectives ought to describe what students will be ding when demonstrating their achievementsBehavioural objectivesThree parts to a good objectiveIntended student behaviourwhat must he do Mark it as F fact or O opinionConditions under which the behaviour will occurhow will it be tested or recognized NewspaperCriteria for acceptable performance75Gronlund Start with GeneralCognitive objectives
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