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Chapter 18


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Western University
Psychology 3721F/G
Taylor Kohut

CHAPTER 18: ENVIRONMENTAL ATTITUDES POPULATION GROWTH  Attitudes about pollution and energy o Environmental concern: affect or worry associated with specific or general environmental problems; cognitive beliefs and behavioural intentions o Environmental attitudes: any of evaluative beliefs, affect, behavioural intentions a person holds regarding environmentally related activities or issues;  Concern about pollution: largest environmental problems concerned with, especially pollution of drinking water; global warming was least of ppls concerns even though most serious problem  Public opinion about energy; not at forefront of political agenda; attitudes regarding various energy sources are directly affected by price of energy; support gor energy sources increased during times when energy costs were high and then fell when cost of energy went down  Solving energy problems: when world runs out of oil… it will produce more (30%) or conserve (60%)  Why do ppl care? Worldview and values: fixing the issues involve a trade off; scholars have argued that concern for environmental issues ia s postmaterialistic value—concern that emerges only after the material needs of individuals have been met; even in developing countries, level of concern for environmental protection are high  Types of environmental values (1)egoistic= focus on self and self oriented goals (most narrow ) (2)altruistic: concern for other ppl (3) biospheric: concern for the well being of all living things (broadest)  Value paradigms o Dominant social paradigm: values and taditions of western culture; individualism and materialism o New environmental paradigm; env’tal movement in 1960s which began after first earth da; living in balance with nature tather then ruining it DETERMINANTS OF ENVTAL ATTITUDES  Rational choice models o Rational choice theory: individuals care about issues that directly affect them; person weights the anticipated results by hi own values and preferences and chooses the behavioural option that will have the greatest likelihood of a rewarding outcome o NIMBY viewpoint: not in my backyard; ppl who are opposed to new projects in their neighbourhood o LULU: locally unwanted land users; new landfill in ones cities  Postmaterialist values o Concern for quality of life issues lie free speech and environmental protection only occur after indiiduals hvae met their ba
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