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Western University
Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Corrine Walsh

September 11 , 2012 Perplexing Issues Reading #1 The Kalam Cosmological Argument and the Anthropic Principle By: William Lane Craig Cosmological Argument – Cosmology = the science (and theories) of the origin and development of the universe - Cosmos (Greek) = universe - Argument supported by Plato, Aristotle - Primarily concerned with causation *Efficient Cause: the agent which brings something about. *First Cause: the cause of all efficient causes; the Prime Mover; God. Kalam means argument (summary of the article): - The universe must have a cause to its existence 2 part of the essay: - Evidence from astronomy for the Kalam cosmological argument - Evidence from Big Bang Theory confirms thesis that the universe began to exist and so must have a cause Defense of the Kalam Argument: - Universe began to exist - Anything that began to exist must have a cause that brings it to being 1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause 2. The universe began to exist 3. Therefore the universe has a cause 1. Perhaps prior to creation God existed in an undifferentiated time in which hours, seconds, days do not exist. 2. Infinite #
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