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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Sociology 2235
Gale Cassidy

Chapter 6 y Planned parentingavailability of good contraception people can choose when and whether they want kids Entering Parenthood Decisions about Entering Parenthood y One theoryChildbearing reflects deep and lasting beliefs y Theory couple does a complicated costbenefit analysis of childbearingy Decision to have kids depends on rational choices and emotional longings Entering Parenthood in the pasty Having kids is much less common today ththy Marked decline in Canadian birthrate from mid 19 century to the mid 20 century y In 1817 1831women had 66 kids y 19471961women had 17 kids y Women born between 1831 and 1840 spaced their first and last births an average of 14 years apart o In 1951 1960 it was 18 years y Birth control changed birth rate o Also changing social and economic circumstances y Children changed from an economic benefit to an economic liability y Baby boom19471967 y Average birth rate today is 15y Women enter parenting in mid to late 20s Entering Parenthood today Family Planning y Oral contraceptives are used most followed by condoms y Contraception rates are higher where literacy is higher and women receive more education y Highest rates of use of contraceptives are found in the Peoples Republic of China 83 o Canada75 y Only 1 in 5 use contraception in Africa and 1 in 4 in AsiaEntering Parenthood Youngy Rate of teenagers having kids have dropped a lot since the 70s y In Sweden teenagers having kids have almost disappearedy US has highest rate of team pregnancy 2X as great as Canada y Teens choose to get pregnant because of mixed messages o Some get pregnant because they need to give and receive love
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