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Chapter 6

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Western University
Sociology 2152A/B
William Marshall

Sociology 2152B Chapter 6 – Hiller • The daily reality of the urban poor is both extensive and largely hidden, particularly among visible minorities • Measuring Urban Inequality o Most scholars focus on income inequality = one of the most easy and important way of measuring inequality o Toronto and Vancouver are the most unequal cities in Canada (based on income) o The experience of being poor is different from what is for people living in less poor neighborhoods o One common way to understand urban inequality is to examine the % of households living in poverty in order to assess whether a census tract should be considered as featuring concentrated poverty (poverty level have to be higher than 20%) o Extremely high poverty (must have 40% to be considered extremely high poverty) o In Vancouver, 79.8% of the population lived in households surviving on incomes below the poverty line in the Downtown Eastside o Canada has avoided the dramatic expansion of high and extremely high poverty urban neighborhoods that has occurred in many U.S cities o There are high levels of residential separation for visible minorities in selected Canadian cities o The neighborhoods of Canadian cities that have high concentration of visible minorities do NOT also feature extremely high levels of poverty o There is a wealth gap between black and white families o We
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