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Gale Cassidy

Advertising and Product Placement D’Astous and Chartier - Three reasons why advertisers might want to place their products in movies o Assumption that high attention might be withdrawn from the movie o Movies produce large audiences o The natural placement makes audience less irritated than in your face advertising - Some argue that product placement is a form of stealth advertising - Product placement may seem fairly innocuous after being assaulted by over advertising all day, every day. Product placement makes a lot of sense in today’s media environment Charles Lubbers - Three major reasons I believe that product placement is an important option for advertisers o Increasing popularity o Historical foundation o Benefits for advertisers  Product placements must be skillfully women into the storyline  Product placement effective because most consumers are inherently skeptical of advertising claims, but those natural filters are generally off when watching programs  Allow brand development -> sentimental attachment  Allow advertisement to take effect without annoying breaks in the programming  More realistic to viewers - As long as audiences find the insertion of products into the st
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