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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Correlates of Criminal Behaviour

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Western University
Sociology 2266A/B
Joshua Barath

S\`W^Ź [^^W S`W_[X^ ZS WbS [a^ YW V XXW^WZ`U^ W_\WSS`V XXW^WZ`SYW_ Wc `WU[ S^U^ W_`\ US U[ ``WV S`W^ Z XWTWUSa_W `^W]a ^W_\W^_[Z_[X ^W_\WU`ST `SZV Y_`S`a_ c U\W[\ WŶŹSZV[aZYW^SbWW``[S``S Z" _W^ [a_VW Z]aWZU`WZVWV`[V Z _c ` ZU^WS_ ZYSYW#c WV^aYSZV_`S`a_[XXWZUW_ ZU^WS_WV aS`a^S`[ZS^WX[^aÊ[T_W^bS` [Z`S` Zb[ bWWZ` ZU^ W`WZV_`[VWU^WS_WS_\W[\ WSYW S^YaWV`S`[a`S^Wba ZW^ST W`[W\WU`S` [Z_SZVWbS aS` [Z_[X`W ^\WW^_ [ZW _ZWUW__S^X[^\S^` U \S` [Z Z[a`Ua `a^W `WX` _ScS[XX ZSZU ZY\S^` U \S` [Zc `\WW^_cWZ WY ` S`W_[a^UW_[X ZU[WS^WZ[`SbS ST W W _WV XXW^WZUWbS^ W__[WcS`T`\W[XU^ W _W X^W\[^`_a^bW_ Z`W_[cWVS W_WUWWVXWS W_ ZVW Z]aWZUT[^W`SZŶ`[ŵ aWTWU_a^bW_[cWVS_S W^YS\c `ŷ`[ŵ V XXW^WZUWTW`cWWZ`W`c[STWS^W_a ` ZV XXW^WZUW_ Z\[ UWSZV ZY[X *abWZ W[XXWZVW^_ ^S` [[XS W`[XWS WVW Z]aWZUY^WS`W^X[^[^W_W^ [a_SU`_ c[WZSbW_[cZSZ ZU^WS_W Z_W^ [a_U^ W_ Z^WUWZ`WS^_ c[WZ+_ YW_`^S`W_U[Z` ZaW`[TWX[^`W W___W^ [a_`WX`_[X\^[\W^` Z`W#YS\TW`cWWZS W_SZVXWS W_^WS Z__aT_`SZ` S #cW^WS_ ZSZSVS#`WYS\ _ ZS^^[c ZYX[^U^ W_[bW^S Ù- WYWZVW^YS\ ZU^ WS_ZS^^[cWV_[WcS`# `^WS Z__aT_`SZ` S #\S^` Ua S^ X[^`W [_`_W^ [a_[XXWZUW_. _aYYW_`WV`S`\W^S\_WSZU \S` [Z[Xc[WZX^[V[W_` U^[ W_S ZU^WS_W[\\[^`aZ ` W_`[ U[ `\^[\W^`U^ W _aT*WU``[Y^WS`W^\^W__a^WX[^SU WbWWZ` SU^WS`W\^W__a^W_[^_`^S Z_`[cS^VU^ W ^[WU[ZbW^YWZUWÊW\ SZS` [ZX[^^ _ ZYU^ W^S`WS[ZYc[WZ _`S``W ^^[ W_SbWTWU[W _ S^`[ U[ZbW^YWVc `"`[_W[XWZ XWS W[XXWZVW^_`WZV`[TW[aZY#\[[^#aZWVaUS`WV#aZ_ WV _aYYW_`WV`S`XWS WU^ W _\S^` `W\^[VaU`[X`W ^_aT[^V ZS`W_[U [WU[Z[ U \[_ ` [Z `\ US U^ W_[Xc[WZSTWS^W_a `[X`W ^WU[Z[ UVW\^ bS` [ZSZVS^Y ZS ` SUW X[aZV`[TWSY[[V\^WV U`[^[XU^ ZS ` Z aZVW^^W\^W_WZ`WV_ SZ#SaUS_ SZ [bW^^W\^W_WZ`WVT[^ Y ZS _ V XX Ua ``[W_`ST _^W S` [Z_ \TW`cWWZ^SUWSZVU^ WTWUSa_W\[ UW ZSZSVSS^WZ[`^W]a ^WV `[^W\[^`[Z^SUW[X`[_W`W`S^YW`X[^X W V ZbW_` YS` [Z_ SU_`aVWZ`__U[^WV_ YZ X USZ` YW^[Z_W X^W\[^`VWb SZ`TWSb [a^_US W`SZc `W[^ _ SZ_`aVWZ`_ T[^ Y ZS SVa `_ ZU[^^WU` [ZS _W^b UW_cW^W[aZYW^#SV [cW^ WbW _[XWVaUS` [Z# W__ W `[ SbWTWWZW\ [WV Ua`a^SW\SZS`[ZÊW\ SZS` [ZX[^U^ W`S` _\^S_WV Z`W^_[XbS aW_SZVTW WX_[XS _[U W`[^ `_U[\[ZWZ`_aTY^[a\_ U[ZX U`TW`cWWZT[^ Y ZS ^W_\[Z_W_`[ ScSZVW\WU`S` [Z_[XSZSV SZ WYS __`W SZSV SZ WYS __`WTS_WV[Z^W`^ Ta` bW*a_` UWc `\aZ _WZ`_W`T WY _ S` [Z _`^aU`a^SW\SZS`[ZÊ
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