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Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

Sociology 1020- Images of Society Chapter 1- Invitation to Sociology: The Consuming interests… Humanistic Perspective by Peter L. Berger  World of men Article attempts at 2 things:  Their institutions  Their history 1) Explain what makes socio thinking so  Their passions different from other types  Events that engage their ultimate 2) What drives most sociologists to do beliefs what they do  Their moments of tragedy, grandeur and ecstasy Sociology= not about what humans are or do but rather fills them into categories  Their EVERYDAY “What interests us is the curiosity that grips Methodology= valid part of socio enterprise any sociologist in front of a closed door b/h b/c when scientific rules of evidence were being developed- they were compelled which there are human voices.” to reflect upon methodological problems Sociologist’s questions: Idea type= what we portray as sociologists in reality wont be in its pure form  What are people doing w each other here?  What are their relationships to each THEREFORE sociologists= someone other? concerned w understanding society in a disciplined way (scientific)  How are these relationships organized in institutions? As a scientist, sociologist tries…  What are the collective ideas that move men and institutions?  To be objective  To control his personal preferences Sometimes sociologist will find himself in worlds he didn’t know existed. and prejudices  To perceive clearly rather than to judge normatively BUT most of the time he is in a familiar experience w people from his society! In order to understand a society Excitement= when the familiar is sociologists use a variety of means (statistical techniques) transforming This makes us see world in a whole new Sociologist= a person intensively, endlessly, light!!! and shamelessly interested in the doings of men Sociology’s utmost interest:  People who like to watch men  Understand all things human Chapter 2- The Sociological Imagination by C. Wright Mills The masculine tone = similar to Berger’s article BUT… 1) Focuses more on socio imagination, not just how societies operate but also how they have been affected 2) Makes distinction b/w explanations re: local interactions and society structure and organization Makes distinction b/w macro and micro sociology! Life of an individual cant be understood w/o the history of a society The Promise  Men don’t define troubles by historical change  Usually they don’t understand its significance  What men feel they need says 2 something about what is happening  The socio imagination works in b/w in the world and themselves the personal troubles of milieu and 1 the public issues of the social structure  The socio imagination enables  Troubles occur within character of understanding of larger historical the individual and the range of his immediate relations with others scene in terms of meaning w inner and external life  An issue= public matter  One can only understand their  What we experience in various milieu experience by locating himself in this is often caused by structural changes period  Enables us to grasp history, To possess socio imagination must biography and relations b/w the two be aware of idea of social structure and use it w sensibility within society  Men hope to grasp what is happening in the world and understand within themselves as points of intersection of biography and history within society Chapter 4- The Study Design for a Survey of American Sexual Behaviour by Edward O. Laumann... This section= how to design a clear and Sample size bigger the sample the concise survey for any investigation higher the precision of its estimates These surveys work just as well when Mode of administration: face-to-face, studying sexuality telephone, self-administered higher response rate Sample design straightforward Recruiting and training interviewers= must be done carefully The questionnaire= conceptual- how to used define sex, and what language should be Chapter 5- The Sociologist as Rubbernecker by Morten G. Ender… Sociologist= makes sense of human Sociology Curiosity: responses to tragedy in a way beyond  Analyze, interpret and put into journalists do perspective interrelationships Rubbernecker= people who stare at among the phenomena something in such a way  Spray painting Dictionary rubbernecker a person who stretches his head to gaze about in curiosity
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