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Chapter 1

BU481 Chapter 1: Chapter 1- A General Management Perspective

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Karin Schnarr

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Chapter 1: A General Management Perspective
The Job of the General Manager
-Recognize emerging opportunities and challenges, prepare a response, and ensure the success of
whatever plan of action you decide upon
-3 fundamental concepts of general manager’s job: setting direction, creating strategy, and
implementing change
-Assess performance for current and long term very important too without knowing how the
company is performing at any point in time, manager could get 3 other components very wrong
Assessing Performance
-Tragedy when managers don’t know how well organization is performing
-Many approaches to sizing up performance, and each industry/company will have own metrics
based on key performance drivers
Client Promoter Score: Measures likelihood that current client will recommend company
to others
-Assessment of organizational performance based on 2 sets of measures:
Operating Performance: Quantitative measures of financial and market performance
Organizational Health: Qualitative (e.g. mgmt. and worker enthusiasm, ability to work
across boundaries, ability of org. to learn)
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