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Communication Studies
Natalie Coulter

CS101 The CRTC and Broadcast Regulation in Canada Week 4 You’re “on the Aird”: Canada’s First Royal Commission on Broadcasting -The idea that radio could help build a country was one of the factors behind the first Royal Commission on Broadcasting -Politicians began to worry about the domination of Canada by American mass media -Aird Commission-first royal commission into Canadian broadcasting. Created to examine the dangers that American programming posed to Canadian culture -Canada would have both public and private radio stations -The government’s proposal regarding public broadcasting revolved around three issues, which still form the basis of the CRTC policy today: National sovereignty was to be preserved Broadcasting services were to be made available to anyone in Canada, no matter where they lived Broadcasting was not to be exploited by private interests -In 1931, the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Act was passed. -By 1936, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) was formed The Evolution of Canada’s Broadcasting Act of 1958 -The forming of the Board of Broadcast Governors (BBG) which would oversee the granting of broadcasting licenses -Official government recognition of private broadcasters in Canada. This allowed stations to affiliate themselves with a body other than the CBC. This would lead to the formation of Canada’s first private television network, CTV -Programming on radio and TV had to be as Canadian in “content and character” as possible The 1968 Broadcasting Act -The CRTC ( Canadian Radio-television Commission) replaced the BBG and had the power to regulate broadcasting in Canada -The CBC was given its mandate to provide a national broadcasting service in both official languages to provide Canadian programming that
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