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Chapter 5

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Don Morgenson

Chapter 5Psychology Variations in Consciousness ConsciousnessBrain Activity Somniloquy talking in your sleep Canadians have cut down on the amount of sleep they get in order to squeeze more out of their days Narcolepsy sleep disorder in which people often fall asleep uncontrollably during their everyday routine o William Dement says it is the only disorder that is known to be due to a flaw in the primary sleep systems in the brain Ken Parks killed his inlaws while sleepwalking and was acquitted of the crime Connection between sleep deprivation and increased brain sensitivity to negative emotional stimuli Sleep StatisticsMen tend to get less sleep than womenThose with higher incomes sleep lessMarried adults sleep less than unmarried adults1 in 7 Canadians reports sleep difficulties Despite popular belief our brains are anything but inactive during sleepConsciousness is the awareness of internalexternal stimuli Your consciousness is continuously changingLedWilliam James to describe this continuous flow as the stream of consciousnessSome of the thoughts entering your stream of consciousness are the result of intentionWe seem to be easily able to shift our attention to things of importanceinterest in our environment Almost every human behaviour comes from a mixture of consciousness and unconscious processing Attentionconsciousness are closely related but not identical Mind wandering peoples experience of taskunrelated thoughtsPeople spend 1550of their time mind wanderingSmallwoodSchooler suggest that mind wandering might be less likely to occur if the task you are engaged in is one that requires significant cognitive resources Controlled Processes judgements or thoughts that we exert some control over that we intend to occur Automatic Processingwhen things happen without our intentional control or effort
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