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WLUPS101Don MorgensonFall

Chapter 14 and 15 Detailed notes of chapter 14 and 15 for final

OC177476 Page
16 Oct 2011
Stigma: do not understand that people with mental illness have the same characteristics as normal people just overdramatic. Etiology: apparent causatio
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WLUPS262Elizabeth OldsWinter

sensory + perception Ch 1-4

OC3255417 Page
24 Jan 2012
Electricity - the electrical signals that are created by the receptors and transmitted to the brain. receptors, which transform energy from the environ
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WLUPS268Bruce Mc KayWinter

PS268 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Coca Wine, Sympathomimetic Drug, Local Anesthetic

OC423677 Page
27 Feb 2013
Creates pleasure, increases alertness and decreases appetite and need for sleep: history. Traced to inca empire in peru use of coca. Adding calcified l
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WLUPS261Anneke OlthofWinter

PS261 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Classical Conditioning, Psychoactive Drug, Drug Tolerance

OC423678 Page
6 Feb 2013
Cs does not elicit cr initially, does so after being associated with us. Us is able to elicit target response from onset without any special training.
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WLUPS268Bruce Mc KayWinter

PS268 Chapter Notes - Chapter 13: Thomas De Quincey, Opioid Overdose, Opioid Receptor

OC423677 Page
19 Mar 2013
Produced and available for collection for only few days of opium poppy"s life. Cut made into unripe seed pods, white substance oozes out, oxidizes to r
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WLUPS268Bruce Mc KayWinter

PS268 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: East India Company, Chocolate Liquor, Jolt Cola

OC423676 Page
18 Mar 2013
Caffeine : the world"s most common psycho-stimulant: belongs to the methylxanthine (xanthine) chemical family, more people use caffeine than any other
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WLUPS263Paul MalletWinter

PS263 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-12: Thalamus, Ataxia, Microelectrode

OC37575899 Page
27 Jan 2015
The human brain is an intricate network of neurons (cells that receive and transmit electrochemical signals) Neuroscience: the scientific study of the
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WLUPS275Colleen LoomisFall

PS275 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-9: Endoderm, Y Chromosome, Sexual Differentiation

OC503808 Page
29 Oct 2012
These skills are innate, very young children are able to quantify things (big small, long, short) By the age of 3-4 most children can count. Cardinalit
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WLUPS268Bruce Mc KayWinter

PS268 Chapter Notes - Chapter 14: Argyreia Nervosa, Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder, Psilocybe Semilanceata

OC423679 Page
20 Mar 2013
Animism and religion: animism belief that animals, plants, rocks, streams etc derive characteristics from spirit within object, plants and their psycho
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WLUPS275Colleen LoomisSummer

PS275 Chapter Notes -Neural Tube, Social Cognition, Synaptogenesis

OC13166761 Page
22 Jun 2013
Chapter 1: introduction to developmental psychology and its research strategies. Development: refers to systematic continuities and changes in an indiv
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WLUPS280John StephensWinter

PS280 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-6: Psychoanalysis, Existential Therapy, Canadian Mental Health Association

OC19659531 Page
15 Oct 2013
The field concerned with the nature and development of abnormal behaviour, thoughts and feelings. Abnormal behaviour- includes such characteristic as s
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WLUPS261Anneke OlthofWinter

PS261 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Overtraining, Fear Conditioning, Conditioned Taste Aversion

OC423675 Page
26 Mar 2013
Extinction involves omitting us or reinforcer. Forgetting loss of responding may also occur because of this, not always because of extinction. Effects
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